Moins de gestion, plus de célébration : le point de vente parfait pour votre bar ou votre club

9 moyens par lesquels Lightspeed Restaurant aidera votre bars ou votre club

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1. All-in-one solution

Run your bar or nightclub day-to-day from an iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad; take orders, sending them instantly to the bartender, open bar tabs and split bills — all with a touch of a button.

Lightspeed Restaurant taking order

2. Quick ordering

Take drink orders from a quick-serve screen that is ideal for the bar or nightclub environment. Orders are immediately sent to the bartender or kitchen so you can get them to your customer without delay.

Lightspeed Restaurant taking payment

3. Run bar tabs

Open and close customer bar tabs quickly — capture your customer’s first and last names and create the tab simply by swiping their credit card. At any point, you can view all open bars tabs in your bar.

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4. Easy bill splitting

With Lightspeed Restaurant, bills can be split quickly; split items into equal payments or drag items onto individual bills.

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5. Customizable security settings

Customizable security settings allow you to control what your staff has access to. You decide who can issue discounts, access the till, see financial statements and modify prices.

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6. Prints where you need it

If your bar or nightclub has multiple floors, rest assured that the mobile device you’re using is printing to the correct bar or kitchen printer.

Lightspeed Restaurant hardware setup

7. Minimal setup costs

Lightspeed Restaurant POS doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and doesn’t come with high IT overhead costs. A printer, cash drawer and iPad or iPhone is all you need to get started.

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8. On demand reports

Easily view your top sellers, adapt your menu and plan your marketing strategy with insights from Lightspeed’s built-in reporting, presented in a visual dashboard with real-time data.

cloud with "24h"

9. Access from anywhere

Lightspeed Restaurant is cloud-based, so it works anywhere with an internet connection. As a manager, you can access reports, track sales, even customize the menu - wherever you are.

“Lightspeed helps us cut down on time. It’s also really easy to use, and the reporting is amazing.”

Walter Lecocq, Owner
Gazette Brasserie, London, UK
Lightspeed Restaurant Customer