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Any webshop selling alcohol, tobacco or any other age-restricted content. Age Verification is an app needed to verify age by visitors. Age Verification is highly customizable. It’s the first thing visitors see, so why not using it for marketing purposes too? Check it out and even visitors will highly appreciate this step, which is many times kind of frustrating, not anymore!!



Everything is customizable. Logo, Background (left and right) colours, anything essential to make this app as matching as possible with your website.

Left Background can be used for Marketing purpose, for example, its Black Friday, Shipping offer or more and you want to show this even in your verification app. Simply login changes only that background and done! Why not? It is the first thing visitors see, USE IT!!!


Matching your shop

Customize it to match your webshop

Age verification can be used on any platform. Desktop, Tablets or Mobile Phones. Easy to customize or update whatever is needed

Optimized for Mobile usage too


Supports any language

Since the app is fully customizable you can use any language you want


Multi Verification

Adjust for any reason you want. Change the Drink Responsibly area to any service you need it for, it is adjustable

Works on Every Theme
No extra programming needed it is fully served and ready to use on any template


Feature List
• Simple YES/NO Button Verification (you can change this text too on both buttons)
• Modify Text
• Modify Colours
• Add Your Logo (leave blank if you do not want to use logo)
• Upload Custom Background Image (left and right Screen is split)
• Responsive and Mobile Friendly


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