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  • Increase the visibility of your store in Amsterdam
  • Easily connect your products to the BIJONS.Amsterdsam platform
  • Increase the traffic to your store and webshop!



    ’’Increase the visibility of your store in Amsterdam!’’


    Why connecting with BIJONS.Amsterdam?

    BIJONS.Amsterdam is the first, open digital retail retail platform for and by Amsterdam locals. A platform where people can search & find, order products from local Amsterdam stores, pay and have them delivered. In short, a local platform where you can get everything that is for sale in Amsterdam in the shortest time possible. 


    Connect your webshop with the BIJONS.Amsterdam to show your products on the platform. This way you increase the traffic to your store and webshop. To be able to use this App you must also be affiliated with BIJONS.Amsterdam. If you are not yet registered, look for more information on 


    How it works 

    1. Make sure you are affiliated as a BIJONS.Amsterdam retailer
    2. Install the BIJONS.Amsterdam app here in the Lightspeed app store; with this you give permission to send your products to BIJONS.Amsterdam. !Important - the consumer makes the payment at your webshop, not at BIJONS.Amsterdam.
    3. After installation you will immediately see a screen whether the installation has been successful.
    4. The BIJONS.Amsterdam team will contact you within 2 days to complete the installation and send a confirmation.
    5. Did the installation fail? Contact [email protected] and we will offer support.


    About BIJONS.Amsterdam

    BIJONS.Amsterdam believes that the passion, history and craftmanship of small local entrepreneurs can offer shoppers an experience that goes far beyond simply satifsfy a need by purchasing from major international platforms. We think that quite a lot of what you are looking for is for sale in the city, just around the corner, with a local retailer. We want to ensure that you can find that via Retailers are often passionate entrepreneurs who know so much more about the products they sell! You don't want to miss that! BIJONS.Amsterdam is the first, open digital retail platform for and by local Amsterdam people. A platform where you can search and find. A "local platform" where you can easily get everything that is for sale in Amsterdam in no time. And all of that CO2 neutral, because we love Amsterdam. With it's cozy neighbourhoods and small streets. The sounds of the markets and influences from all over the world.


    Support BIJONS.Amsterdam

    For questions you can contact the support team of BIJONS.Amsterdam via [email protected] or call 020-223 27 24