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Do you also miss the fact that you have so many visitors in your webshop, but that potential customers leave again without having had the chance to talk to them? That part of the past now.


Clinken starts where Google stops. Via Google Search or Adwords you receive anonymous visitors in your webstore. Unfortunately they aren’t customers yet. Your visitors have to be convinced to become customers. With Clinken you don’t have to call potential customers yourself, with one click of the button potential customers can be connected to the right account manager. Like this you can convince your customers in a direct and personal conversation. Besides that Clinken offers the ideal method for personal customer service. You will never have unsatisfied customers again!


Do you want to see how it works?  Visit the website of one of our customers:


The App

The app automatically places a button or image in your webstore, you can manage this via Clinken admin. You can link product categories to the right employees in order to ensure the right service on your whole webstore.


Attention: do you have multiple shops? In that case you will need to create multiple Clinken accounts. The multi-store connector is being developed.


Advantages for your customers

  • Clinken is free for your customers
  • Direct conversation with the right account manager
  • Anonymous but personal
  • No waiting time
  • Ease
  • Trust, the webstore gets a face


Your advantages

  • Low barriers for consumers
  • You can use your existing sales force. No extra employee costs
  • You only pay for real customer contact
  • No fixed monthly fees
  • Broaden your opening times without additional costs
  • You are selling based on product knowledge
  • You can build customer relationships again
  • Increase your margins. The lowest price is not always decisive
  • The consumers become brand loyal again
  • You get insights into management reporting
  • More sales opportunities
  • More opportunities to upsell



You can test Clinken for free because we will give you 100 free Clinken credits! For more information please visit:



Note: documentation, support and app are only available in Dutch