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  • Count down to or up from any date or time!
  • Create sense of scarcity during sales and promotions
  • Build buzz and anticipation around upcoming events

"POWr Countdown Timer: Trusted by over 10,000+ websites."

Why choose POWr Countdown Timer?

POWr Countdown Timer is an easy way to count down to a specific date or time. Get visitors excited about special promotions, weddings, holidays, or other celebrations by including a timer that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

How does it work?

Follow the install instructions to add POWr Countdown Timer to any page or product in your store. Then edit your timer through, or right on your live storefront. Just click the Edit icon to open the POWr Editor, where you can control any aspect of your counter. No need to worry about HTML or CSS. And no toggling back and forth from an editor page. See what your store will looks like right as you edit it!

Extra benefits of POWr Countdown Timer?

  • Count up from or down to any date and time
  • Counts events over time (e.g. every day Americans eat 17,500 slices of pizza)
  • Choose how much information to display
  • Easy editing lets you to fine-tune your design and style
  • Create a simple flash sale or promotion

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