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This webstore connector synchronizes data automatically between Lightspeed and Unit4 Multivers (Online). In our Elaborate brochure you can read more about the connector.


Attention: you need at least Unit4 Multivers Medium (online) with .NetAPI (not compatible with Unit4 Multivers Extended)



The webstore connector supports these tasks:


  • Import customer data
  • Import invoice information
  • Import order information
  • Export article information
  • Export stock information


Installation and setup


After activating the app you can download the software and install it. The webstore connector includes comes with an extensive manual with which you can setup the connector to your own specifications. Do you want extra support with the setup? Get in touch with our support team. We charge EUR 30 excluding VAT per starting 15 min.

M: [email protected] 
T: 085-0091200 (option 3)



Do you have questions about how the webstore connector works or about Unit4 Multivers (Online) and the API of Unit4 Multivers feel free to get in touch with our sales department.


M: [email protected]
T: 085-0091200 (option 1)


About GB Business Solutions

GB Business Solutions is a partner of Unit4 and specialized in setting up of financial and logistic administration for businesses. Our product range includes products from Unit4 Multivers and our own business solutions such as webstore connectors, barcode scanning and digitalization of outgoing document flow.


We have been in business for over 17 years with a team of experienced professionals and partners that have implemented many business solutions. We serve over 1400 customers and we work together with over 200 accountants.