Marktplaats Admarkt

€24,95 / mensuel
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  • Reach the right buyers for your products at the Marktplaats Admarkt!
  • Automatically sync your products via API. Filter your products based on category or attribute.
  • Automatic CPC optimization option available.



"Advertise your products seamlessly on Marktplaats Admarkt."

Why Marktplaats Admarkt app?

Marktplaats Admarkt is a quick and easy way to sell highly targeted products, build the brand awareness and increase traffic to the webshop. Marktplaats Admarkt feed makes Marktplaats advertising easy and provides Admarkt product import as friendly as possible. With Marktplaats Admarkt feed you can place ads on Marktplaats automatically.

How does it work?

Marktplaats Admarkt app allows you to advertise easily on Marktplaats Admarkt channels. To set up the Marktplaats Admarkt app please follow the steps below. Here is the app installation manual.

  • Install the Marktplaats Admarkt app in your Lightspeed by clicking the Install app button and follow the installation process.
  • After successful installation, click the Installed. Go to the app button and continue with setting your chosen feeds up. Here is the link to the Admarkt integration manual.

In case you need any assistance please contact us at [email protected]. We'll help you with the Admarkt setup process.

Benefits of the Koongo app

  • Automatic CPC optimization option - enables you to display your product advertisements on the Martktplaats Admarkt top positions.
  • Admarkt API product data synchronization - your Admarkt Advertisements are updated whenever there is any product data change.
  • Filter and export selected products based on an attribute or a category filtering. For more details check Koongo documentation.



The Marktplaats Admarkt app is limited to 5000 products. For unlimited product option please install also the Koongo - Feed & Affiliate Marketing Tool app.