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Did you know that customers shopping in offline stores are continuously motivated to spend more? Retailers do this with banners, signs and even the cashiers try to persuade customers to spend that little bit more.


  • "Have you tried this?"
  • "If you spend another €5,- you will get a free t-shirt!" 
  • "Another €50,- and we will deliver it for free!" 
  • "Only today, 35% off on all electronics" 


Do you want to know why shops are doing this? Because it works! 


With MyCustomerMotivator you will be able to do exactly the same in your Lightspeed store. Start motivating your customers today and boost your sales with yet another Shappz app. 



√ Easy to install

√ Plan motivations

√ Multiple languages

√ Multiple campaigns

√ Integrated within the Shappz Dashboard

√ Connects to the Lightspeed shipping settings


Cart Motivations 


Each time the customer puts a product in his or her cart and visits the cart, the customer will be motivated to spend more. For example, this could either be free shipping or a custom gift. 


Normal Motivations


Regular motivations can be used throughout the entire website. These motivations can be limited to a specific amount per (hour/day/week/month). 


Please see the screenshots for an example. 



App webinar: click here


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