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  • Send personal marketing emails automatically
  • Ask for product reviews or send discount codes on special days
  • Clear reports and statistics from al your marketing emails




"Improve your email marketing revenue with ReloadMailing"



Why ReloadMailing?

How do you engage your customers who already purchased something from your store? Do you send a standard newsletter every month to each and every customer? Of do you have to admit that you are not using email marketing very efficient? We see this with a lot of e-commerce stores, and that’s why we created ReloadMailing! ReloadMailing is a fully automatical email marketing solution that mines your customer data and send relevant en personal emails to the right customer at the right time.


How does it work?
We offer you a broad selection of triggers which you can modify to your own wishes. You decide which triggers you activate for your shop. Because of the seamless integration with the Lightspeed platform our app creates discount codes and reads your customer data fully automatic. After that our algorithm decides which customers should receive the personal mails. This way you are guaranteed of sending the right emails to the right person at the right time!

Customers who already purchased something from your store are far more likely to buy another time from your store. With ReloadMailing you are keeping your customers close and active. ReloadMailing saves you a lot of time and effort and makes sure that you are always following up after a sale.


ReloadMailing benefits

  • Increase the amount of returning customers through email marketing.
  • Generate omre revenue; send your customers personal messages after their purchase based on their behaviour so you are sure that they will come back.
  • Increase loyality; send your customers recommended products based on their purchase, product of the week and other updates.
  • Keep your customers engaged; send them related products emails from their purchases
  • Increase your SEO; automatically ask for product reviews after purchases which will generate unique SEO content.
  • Very easy to measure your ROI: ReloadMailing has a comprehensive reporting tool which shows you exactly how much revenue is being generated.


Standard Triggers:
ReloadMailing has more then ten triggers en we are always adding more! Some of our triggers:


  • Anniversary
    Send your customers a discount code when they their first purchase is exactly one year ago.
  • Best selling products
    Thank your customer for their latest purchase and show your best selling products.
  • Win your customers back
    Send inactive customers a win back email if they haven't purchased something on your store for a while.
  • Upselling
    Send customers a upsell mail after they have purchased products with related products.
  • Tell a friend
    Offer customers a discount code for their next purchase, one for them and one for their friend.
  • Feedback
    Easily gather feedback from your customers by asking them for their shopping experience
  • Abandoned shopping cart
    Send customers a email after they have abondend their shopping cart


Own triggers

Do you have triggers which you like to be added? Let us know!

Measure results
Because we think it's important that you know exactly how much revenue ReloadMailing is generating for you we have built in campaign tracking. We are also adding Google Analytics tracking code to each url we are generating.

About ReloadMailing
Earlier this year we've launched ReloadSEO , a SEO solution for e-commerce stores. Reloadify is founded by two dutch entrepreneurs from Groningen. We are constantly trying to bring you the best app experience for your e-commerce store.

We think it's important that all the customers from Lightspeed can use ReloadMailing to generate more revenue for their stores. That's why we are offering this app for a incredibly low price:


  1. Starter: 14.95 EUR/GPB up to 5000 contacts
  2. Medium: 24.95 EUR/GPB up to 10.000 contacts
  3. Large: 34.95 EUR/GPB up to 15.000 contacts
  4. Enterprise: EUR/GPB 44.95 for more than 15.000 contacts


*Prices are based on the amount of active customers. You can decide for youself to activate customers or disable them.


We love feedback! If you have questions, feedback, tips or need help? Don't hesitate to give us a shout at[email protected]