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  • Optimize all the SEO aspects for your Lightspeed store. 
  • Track keywords, optimize content, analyze backlinks and spy on your competition.
  • Get more traffic from Google, better conversion percentages and more revenue.

"95% of all store is not optimized for Google and other search engines. Don't waste revenue and optimize your Lightspeed shop with ReloadSEO"

Why ReloadSEO?

To rank higher in the search engines, you need to optimize your Lightspeed store for Google and other search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing and complicated, which is often a reason to spend big bucks on external online marketing agencies or SEO experts. 

ReloadSEO gives you all the tools you need to optimize your Lightspeed store on your own.

ReloadSEO is a powerful SEO solution that integrates with Lightspeed. With ReloadSEO it is possible to track your keyword positions, do keyword research, optimize all the on-page factors for your store, scan your store for technical faults and do extensive backlink research.

How does ReloadSEO work?

ReloadSEO give you access to multiple tools that help you gain more search traffic;

  • Keyword tracking With keyword tracking you can follow your money making keyword in the search engines and see exactly who you are competing with and if you are making progress.
  • Keyword research Thanks to our AdWords integration and Google suggest we can offer you reliable keyword research and tell you exactly how often your audience is searching and for which terms. We also show you how fierce the competition is for any given keyword.
  • On-page optimization (with API)ReloadSEO has an API connection with Lightspeed which means that all the changes that you edit in our system will automatically get updated in your Lightspeed store.
  • Technical optimization To score well in the search engines it is essential that you don't have technical issues in your store. With our ReloadSEO crawler we check for more than 140+ SEO blocking factors and let you now weekly if you have errors and how to fix them.
  • External optimization ReloadSEO has a partnership agreement with one of the biggest backlink database providers. We now can offer you an extensive overview of your backlinks and that of your competitors. Quickly see where you can score backlinks to boost your rankings.
  • Content analysis tool Analyze the top10 competition in Google for any given keyword with just the press of a single button. We tell you exactly what the competition is doing and more importantly, what you should be doing to beat them.

Extra benefits ReloadSEO

Optimizing your Lightspeed store for the search engines is not only beneficial for more visitors but also gets you more revenue. SEO optimization however, has a lot of other benefits; If you are using Google AdWords your quality score will improve and your cost per click decrease. Your conversion percentage will get a boost. With ReloadSEO  your SEO will be measurable and you get to see instantly how much SEO is earning for you 

About us as an Lightspeed partner

In 2016 we started out with ReloadSEO as a side project. As of today we are helping more than 2000 online stores worldwide to grow on the internet. Our customers vary between small one man stores to multinational brands and agencys


Starter - €49/month

Professional - €79/month

Business - €129/month

Enterprise - €229/month


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