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Do you have something completely different to send than a pallet or a package but you don't know how? The Boekuwzending team cannot wait to arrange this for you!




Isn't sending packages the only thing you do? Do you also have pallets or documents, for example? can also arrange this for you! Do you want a single point of contact, a personal shipping tool and a quick smile? Request your personal account now!

100% smile guarantee

The most important thing at is delivering a quick smile. We do this in many different ways by, among other things, our customer enthusiasm, our fast response time and every day 2% better. That is why we are also very proud of our customer rating of 9.2! When can we give you a smile?

Makkelijk & snel

A suitable price for sending packages within 10 seconds? Book today and the driver will visit you the next working day. Sending packages has never been easier. Especially with our free shipping tool. Have you already requested an account? With us you are not committed to anything!


Getting started

1) Make sure you have a Boekuwzending account, here you can request it for free.

2) Install this app

3) Ready! All shipments now arrive automatically in our system. You can create shipping labels when it suits you.



Our transport specialists are available by phone and e-mail for you: