Ebay connector

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  • Integrate your stock from Lightspeed to your eBay store
  • Advertise and sell your products to millions of potential buyers
  • Expand your success worldwide




"Sell your products on online marketplace eBay"



Why eBay?
eBay is the premier marketplace of the internet where users can buy and sell their products locally, nationally and internationally. Using the eBay-application, Lightspeed customers are able to easily advertise their products on the global marketplace of eBay to more than millions of potential customers.


Offering products (and its variants) on your selected eBay store is easy, by placing these products in specific categories. Products are then automatically synchronized to the connected eBay stores (synchronization work from Lightspeed to eBay and not vice versa).


Available to: United States, Canada (English), United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium (French), France, Germany, Motors, Italy, Belgium (Dutch), Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Canada (French), Philippines, Poland and Singapore. 


Easy to configure, flexible and safe.

How does it work?
With just a few mouse-clicks it’s possible to connect your Lightspeed-stock to the international marketplace of eBay. Using the app framework built by DotCommerce to select each product category individually. This will then be connected to your eBay store.


  • Connect a product-category via the app framework;
  • Select preferred payment method;
  • Start the sales;


Extra information

Please note: to fully use this application you’ll need to connect your Lightspeed account to eBay via our app framework. This connection will synchronize your stock from your web shop to eBay. You’ll be required to register as a business user on eBay and open an eBay store.


About us

DotCommerce is an IT company base in Breda (The Netherlands). We are THE partner if it comes down to custom functionality, for both back- and front-end. We like to share some of the amazing stuff we’ve done for our customers with other shop owners on the Lightspeed platform as well, which is why we started offering apps.


Questions, new ideas or feedback? Contact us via info@dotcommerce.nl