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Why Moneybird?

Moneybird offers entrepreneurs an online accounting tool for managing their finances. Features include creating invoices, storing purchase invoices, scanning receipts and sending quotes. All financial information is collected and enhanced with information from bank statements to create accounting reports.


To use this integration you’ll need a Moneybird account.


How does it work?

  •        When an order has paid the invoice status 'Paid' and Shipping Status 'Shipped', an invoice will be created in Moneybird. This invoice gets paid in Moneybird.
  •        The income statement and VAT return will be updated immediately.
  •        Moneybird automatically creates a new customer.
  •        Order information products (product name, quantity, order line and VAT) and shipping costs are taken over.
  •        Product prices that are changed to Lightspeed are also changed to Moneybird
  •        VAT rates that are changed to Lightspeed are also changed to Moneybird
  •        Product names can be changed, then a new product is created in Moneybird
  •        Discounts, including discount codes and retailer discounts are included.
  •        Products are linked to a category in Moneybird
  •        Also credit notes are being synced to Moneybird
  •        You save time, work more efficiently and increase your work pleasure.



How to install?

  •        Step 1: Click 'Install app' and then 'Grant access' (you will go to a new tab)
  •        Step 2: Determine if you want to transfer existing orders to Moneybird
  •        Step 3: Determine if you want to transfer existing products to Moneybird
  •        Step 4: Connect your Moneybird account. Select the administration where Combidesk has to access and click "Allow"
  •        Step 5: Do you have a paid Moneybird account? If necessary, configure your ledger account and / or billing profile
  •        Step 6: Click "Install Link" (afterwards, you will automatically be redirected to your webshop maintenance screen)



  •        This link is synchronized every 15 minutes (usually earlier).
  •        Customers are created in Moneybird based on a unique email address. Changes to customer data in your Lightspeed webshop have not yet been automatically updated in Moneybird and vice versa.
  •        Products are transferred once to Moneybird. Product prices can be changed
  •        Use Moneybird as an affordable and easy accounting package. We advise to make invoicing from Lightspeed.
  •        We love feedback! Wishes? Ask them here.


For questions and support about this Moneybird integration, please contact our partner Combidesk at [email protected]
Upon installation, you agree to the Combidesk Terms of Use.
This Moneybird integration is powered by Combidesk