Product Prediction Genie [Omni] - Automated Related Products

€19,95 / mensuel
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Note: This version is for omnichannel users only! There's a seperate version for regular users.


  • Fill your related products in Lightspeed automatically;
  • Show personalized recommended products to customers, based on the products they've visited;
  • Works with all Lightspeed templates, so no changes required in the Template Editor;



"Worry no longer about related products"


Why Product Prediction Genie?
Cross sells, up sells or related products. It has been proven again and again that displaying related products on your productpages will increase revenue and conversion. You do not just want to sell a specific products, you want the customer to take a look and preferably buy a related product.

The Product Prediction Genie  will assist you in this process. You’re able to manually select related products or choose to let the app do this for you. The Product Prediction App is for everyone.

How does it work?
We’ve designed this framework for all customers of Lightspeed so that all of our apps may be used from a single platform. After installing your very first DotCommerce app you’ll receive a link with your login credentials and a password (on the very same mailaddress you use in the Lightspeed backoffice.

Within the app you’re able to choose in what way the related products will be generated and the amount of related products displayed on the product page. Lastly, select the corresponding theme to go with your settings and you are good to go!

The app has been tested with all themes currently available in the Lightspeed Themestore, do note that the results of the app might vary from theme to theme. If you’re using a custom theme, please contact us, so we can make the app compatible with your theme as well.

About us

DotCommerce is an IT company base in Breda (The Netherlands). We are THE partner if it comes down to custom functionality, for both back- and front-end. We like to share some of the amazing stuff we’ve done for our customers with other shop owners on the Lightspeed platform as well, which is why we started offering apps.


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