Qwerty Dropshipping

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  • Easy dropshipment with Qwerty for Lightspeed
  • Automated price and stock updates
  • Easily sync and manage product data to your webshop 


    "Easy dropshipment with Qwerty dropshipping for Lightspeed eCommecrce"

    Why Qwerty dropshipping?

    Do you have a Lightspeed webshop and want to sell products of Qwerty? With the Qwerty dropshipment connector you can easily synchronize your product data feed with your Lightspeed webshop. You can easily provide your shop’s customers with up to date information, prices and stocks that Qwerty provides.


    Qwerty offers dropshipping of computers, safety, data storage, cooling, printers and more. View their catalog.


    How does it work?

    After signing up with a Qwerty account and installing our app you can start importing data from Qwerty to your Lightspeed online store. You can define your own price margins, clone categories, product names or descriptions or edit them to your own preference. The import system will take care of the rest!


    The process:

    1. Register for an account with Qwerty
    2. Install our Qwerty connector for Lightspeed
    3. Select which categories you want to import to your shop or import to existing categories.
    4. Import all available product information like images, product texts and product dimensions and set margins or set other business rules regarding your product data.
    5. Start selling!


    Our import solution daily synchronizes your supplier’s product data. In contrast to a single import your products will be always kept up to date. Thanks to a clear and intuitive graphical interface you can easily create your unique product catalog. Easily define profit margins on the selected data that needs to be synchronized with your Lightspeed shop. Import standard product data or override standard text fields with your own unique title, descriptions. You can also define what Qwerty data to sync or not for maximum flexibility and an optimized business process. 


    • Easy automated product synchronization with Qwerty;
    • Automated Qwerty stocks and prices updates;
    • Graphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories to your shop;
    • Define your own margins on categories. 

    About Qwerty

    Qwerty offers dropshipping of computers, safety, data storage, cooling, printers and more. View their catalog.

    About Webshopimporter

    This connector is powered by Webshopimporter. Webshopimporter has over 8 years of experience with the import of supplier data to e-ecommerce systems like Lightspeed. Our goal is to automate syncing of supplier data to your webshop in the  most easiest way.


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