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  • A lot of visitors look around, but don't buy. Offer these hesitating visitors a surprise and sell more 
  • Choose your own surprise, a free product, extra service or advice, free shipping or a coupon code for a discount
  • Because of the advanced hesitation-detection-system, only the visitors who need the kindly extra push, see the surprise


    "On average 30% of the visitors who hesitate place an order after they've been offered the surprise"

    Why Shopboost?

    Every webshop "suffers" from visitors who hesitate about placing the order. Visitors interrupt during check-out, leaving a full basket. Visitors yo-yo between your webshop and the webshop of the competitor. A lot of them just need the little friendly push. Shopboost detects this behaviour and offers a surprise automatically. This can be a free product or service, extra support, free shipment, or a coupon for a discount. By enthuse the visitor you sell more. Because of the advanced hesitation-detection-system you only offer the surprise to the visitors who really need something extra in order to place the order.


    How does it work?

    Based on multiple behaviour-parameters Shopboost detects hesitation. The visitors who hesitate and don't place the order are offered the surprise. As the webshop-administrator you can configure a surprise (free product or service, extra support, free shipment, or a coupon for a discount, et cetera). When a visitor accepts the surprise you can ask for an e-mail address (optional or mandatory). Shopboost can also automatically send e-mail reminders to this e-mailaddress. As the webshop-administrator you van download these e-mail addresses from the user friendly dashboard.


    - Very simple way to improve conversion: installed in a couple of clicks.

    - Configure the settings, text and colors using the dashboard.

    - All webshops and customers are different; optional custom conversion analyses so we can configure the behaviour-parameters specific for the webshop.

    - Ask visitors an e-mail address (>50% of the hesitating visitors will submit their e-mail address).

    - Download e-mail addresses and let Shopboost automatically sent e-mail reminders.

    - Available for mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop.


    Packages and Pricing

    Shopboost is suitable for small and big webshops.


    Shopboost Free

    - Suitable for small webshops

    - Colors, text and settings limited adjustable

    - Give away 5 surprises each month

    Always Free


    Shopboost Pro

    - Suitable for growing webshops

    - Unlimited surprises each month

    - Colors, text and settings adjustable

    - Automatic reminders to visitors

    - Give attention to the webshop's Twitterprofile and Facebookpage

    - Download the visitor's e-mail addresses 

    From € 29,95 monthly


    Shopboost Custom

    - Suitable for big webshops

    - All Shopboost Pro feautures

    - Optional custom graphic design and custom hesitation-analyses and - detection

    - A custom price based on specific wishes

    A fixed monthly fee.


    About us

    Succesful webshop's don't go for just satisfied customers; they want enthusiastic customers. Customers become enthusiastic when their expectations are exceeded. These are the small and big surprises during the entire customer journey. At Shopboost we analyse, design and develop tools which help e-retailers to pleasantly surprise their audiences.



    Questions? We really like to hear from you [email protected]