Urban Bonfire

Montréal, QC

Urban Bonfire, un détaillant indépendant se spécialisant dans les cuisines, grilles et accessoires pour barbecue extérieurs, montre comment les souvenirs de famille peuvent être transformés en un commerce profitable sur un marché de niche.

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Of course, the Web Store integration was also a big plus. We needed something that would automatically integrate with our in store inventory and take the hassle out of monitoring stock and updating our site.

The value for money convinced us that this was going to be the right solution for us. Lightspeed was very competitively priced and as a startup with limited funds, this was really the final tipping point. Lightspeed does everything more expensive products on the market do for a fraction of the price.”

After Funkear deployed the system, they continued to be impressed with its array of features.

“The reporting function is our favourite feature – the sheer number of reports is amazing and it has helped greatly with our sales analysis and choosing what products to stock. The reporting function helps make better decisions by giving us real-time sales analysis by product. This assists us in deciding which stock to purchase and which to drop.”

The system also supports the company’s current requirements and growth plans, especially online.

“Lightspeed has removed the need for us to constantly monitor stock levels and all sales made on the Web Store are sent straight to Lightspeed to be processed and sent out. As we are relatively new, we haven’t really begun to expand our online identity but the feedback we have been getting is that the store is simple to use and looks very professional, which is a testament to Lightspeed and the Web Store team. Web Store integration has allowed us to spend time growing our business rather than trying to work out if we have a product in stock and if we need to remove it from the Web Store.”

La mission de ce magasin est d'aider les gens de la ville à donner vie à leur espace extérieur. Voyez comment Lightspeed les a aidés à chaque étape du processus.

Urban Bonfire

Urban Bonfire a rapidement dépassé les capacités et l'espace de leur premier magasin. Dans la Partie 2, apprenez comment Lightspeed les aide a gérer des milliers d'unités de gestion des stocks et leur permet d'intéragir davantage avec leurs clients.

Urban Bonfire Partie 3

Voyez la Partie 3 pour découvrir comment Urban Bonfire utilise Lightspeed Retail pour intéragir avec leurs clients pendant les évènements spéciaux comme les festivals et les consultations privées.

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“Our favourite features are the ability to do quotes, orders and service repair orders all through the system with no extra paperwork required. The email function, mobile point-of-sale options, integration with TYRO for payments and Web Store integration through Magento are all very attractive features as well.

We loved how easy Lightspeed OnSite was to use. We had never worked in retail before and needed something that we could understand but still provided the functionality we required.